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House rules


In order to ensure the best comfort for you in our shopping center, there are a few things that have to be regulated. For this reason, we have drawn up these house rules, which are visible in the entrances to the center. The following rules apply to the whole area, especially to the mall inside the building:


  1. The consumption of alcoholic drinks is only permitted in the restaurants, cafés, and other catering areas.
  2. Smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited by law throughout the shopping center buildings including the underground car park. The smoking areas are clearly designated as such.
  3. Begging and hawking are not allowed.
  4. Any merchandising, playing music or other performances without written permission of the Center Management are prohibited.
  5. Any distribution of advertising materials, placing of posters, taking customer enquiries, filming, taking photographs, etc. are only allowed following the written approval of the Center Management.
  6. Cycling, motorcycling, skateboarding, inline-skating or similar activities are not allowed in the mall for safety reasons. Bicycles and motorcycles are not allowed to be passing through the mall.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle at all times. They must not be left on their own at any point in time. Persons accompanying dogs are responsible for the immediate and thorough removal and disposal of any excrement of their dogs.
  8. Seats shall be permitted only on designated benches and not on stairs or flower beds.
  9. Intentional pollution, destruction or misuse of the shopping center’s facilities, also in common rooms such as toilets, sanitary facilities, etc., is forbidden. Such actions will result in a claim on the part of the shopping center for damages and a ban on entering the center.
  10. The behavior of our guests shall not expose third parties to difficulties, nuisance or danger.
  11. In case of persistent staying on the premises of the center despite the request of the Center Management or its authorities  to leave the premise, the disobedience can be prosecuted by.
  12. For security reasons, there is video surveillance (CCTV) throughout the shopping-center.



We hope you enjoy your stay at the shopping center and wish you a great shopping experience!


ECE Projektmanagement Polska Sp. z o.o.

Center Management