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Since 1979, jeans bearing the sign of a large star offer the guarantee of the highest quality and design consistent with current trends. For nearly 40 years jeans have been the staple of BIG STAR’s offer, over the years supplemented with further items of clothing and fashion accessories. Currently, the brand offers a wide selection of jackets, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dresses, as well as all kinds of accessories, starting from hats, ending with shoes. For BIG STAR’s designers work is their passion, clothes – applied art, and jeans – an element of culture. This authenticity and commitment cause the brand to successively win the loyalty of its Customers in Poland and other countries in Europe and Asia. Currently, there are 180 stores in Poland and further 60 points of sale in Europe and Asia, and both the domestic and foreign network continues to grow. For BIG STAR, trust and loyalty of its Customers equals commitment to deliver products compliant with their expectations and meeting trends which have been changing over the years. The only thing that is unchanged is the quality characterising products sold under the large star sign. And this is how it has been since 1979.

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